DUI #2, Allegedly with Kids in the Car

Gary Ray Humphreys, 60

Gary Ray Humphreys, 60

A 60 year old man from Georgia was arrested during a stop in Murfreesboro. When Police spotted the maroon in color GMC minivan on Shannon Crossing, they found a white make laid across the drivers seat and into the passenger side. They also noticed two young children in the van.

Officers say they had to physically awake the man who was identified as Gary Ray Humphreys.

The arrest report stated, "Mr. Humphreys had an odor of an intoxicant emitting from his person." The report also showed that he failed a field sobriety test.

The Department of Children Services were called due to the two minor children being in the van with Humphreys, who was charged with his second DUI. He was also charged with two counts of felony reckless endangerment because the children were in the van with him when he was charged with the DUI. The children were taken into custody by DCS.

The Peachree City resident will head to court in Rutherford County on January 17, 2019. 


MPD Arrest 18-21671