Wheelchair Bound Since 2010  Today Jimmy Walked Out Of The Hospital

Imagine wanting to be a part of the military and halfway through boot camp, you get injured. It happens on a regular basis. In fact, it happened to Jimmy Jones in the 1980's, but Jimmy didn't give up.

After a leg brace allowed him to finish boot camp, Jimmy underwent surgery. The leg operation proved to be successful, but the military moved forward with an honorable discharge. 

Jimmy's leg operation proved to be good enough for him to live a good life. He became a linemen and climbed utility poles on a regular basis. That is, he climbed poles until 2010. He had to undergo another surgery and the results were dramatically different. 

Do to MRSA (Mer-sa), which is a staph infection, doctors had to amputate his right leg. After the surgery, he was wheelchair bound and fell into depression that lasted for years. Several years later it was an accident of falling down a flight of stairs that brought him out of that depression. 

After undergoing a surgery on his other leg, receiving a prosthetic left knee and later a prosthetic right leg, his life started to change.

Jimmy was sent to the VA Medical Center in Murfreesboro, TN to undergo rehabilitation. I was at the VA on Tuesday (7/31/18) when Jimmy walked out of the hospital on his own. Keep in mind, he was previously wheelchair bound since 2010...

Listen to Jimmy talk about his life in the below 9 min interview: