The Story of Maria Steinhauer

Maria Steinhauer above

Hear the story of Maria Steinhauer and how she is fortunate to have survived a hit and run accident involving the same suspect in a Murfreesboro case where a man allegedly tried the gouge out the eyes of a male nurse:

The 36 year old Memphis, Tennessee suspect arrested in Murfreesboro, TN after allegedly trying to gouge the eyes out of a nurse at Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital is also facing charges elsewhere.

The suspect is said to have entered the local hospital heading into the trauma unit. The nurse tried to stop him, which is when the scuffle began. 

It evidently took multiple staff members to pull Santhanou Xayadeth off of a male nurse at Saint Thomas when he reportedly punched, bit and choked the victim until he was unconscious. Witnesses say that before he was finally pulled off the nurse, he reportedly tried to gouge the nurses eyes out with his thumbs.

While the nurse survived, he had to be admitted as a patient to the hospital that he works in after regaining consciousness.

Prior to the situation unfolding in Murfreesboro, the same suspect allegedly caused a roll-over accident on I-65 in Franklin, Tennessee the night prior (1/15/18). As of July 4, 2018, Santhanou Xayadeth remains behind bars in the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center TN). 

Below, you can hear the story of Maria Steinhauer and what she recalls from that night.