It's a long climb to the top of the WGNS Radio Tower in Murfreesboro, TN

Above: Climbing a PiRod 328-foot self-supporting tower is engineer John Heddish. 

About the WGNS Tower: 

The 328 foot tower was manufactured and then shipped to Murfreesboro in 2001 (the year the tower was replaced) on a large tractor-trailer rig. Each section was laid-out and assembled on the "parking pad" in front of the WGNS’ transmitter building. Once everything had arrived and was in place, it took only a week to wrap-up the job. We refer to those as the SEVEN SENSATIONAL DAYS.

The day the tower fell: 

At 7:32AM (Central Time) Easter Sunday morning, April 15, 2001, a severe storm hit Rutherford County. The Straight From The Heart radio broadcast suddenly went silent.

Bart called the new technician on duty and asked him to step out the front door and see if the tower lights were "on". That would tell whether the electricity was still working at the transmitter.

The response was "yes, the white light on the tower is blinking". Bart replied, "We don’t have a white light. Our tower light is red. WGNS’ tower is the one that’s behind McDonald’s."

Bart was on his way downtown when the board op’s voice quivered as he said, "There’s no tower behind the fast-food restaurant!"

In a matter of minutes…the high winds killed on man nearby, trees were toppled, roofs were lifted off of homes and businesses, a section of bleachers at the new Nashville Super Speedway, which opened the day before, was crumpled, and the landmark 328-foot self-supporting WGNS’ radio tower lie crumpled in the Murfree Spring Wetlands and was only a memory.

The 3-months that followed forever changed the Good Neighbor Station, and make this broadcast service even more thought of by the public as being our radio station