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MurfreesboroToday.com Host Erica Fox

The Show

The show is all about Murfreesboro and Rutherford County. Erica, who grew up in the 'Boro, will interview local residents, local movers and shakers and even those who have a story, but never the outlet to tell it to others. 


You never know who the guest will be? Well, it is doubtfull a dog will be our guest. 

The Guest

Here is a simple question... What is something interesting that makes you - YOU? That in itself is likely a strory and one worth sharing! Perhaps you could be a guest on MurfreesboroToday.com? 


Message Erica

Think you have a story? Let's hear it. Message Erica today and let her know you want to be on air with her in the future. Message Erica


Be our guest:

Are you a business owner? A politician? A truck driver? A mom? A dad? Grandparent, uncle, aunt, musician, yada, yada, yada?


Tell us today who you think our future guest should be. Perhaps, it is you or a close friend or family member? 

Who has a story to share? In reality, we all do. However, most of us lack the platform to share our story. 


Erica Fox
Executive Host

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